My name is Valerie Alba and I am the owner of Valerie L. Alba Virtual Assistance LLC (aka VLA – Super V.A.).

I am an independent online/virtual administrative assistant specializing in providing ongoing, one-on-one, collaborative-style support. I partner with businesses on as a consultant on a subcontracted/outsourced basis that need assistance with their administration and back office tasks freeing up their time and allowing them to grow their business and become more profitable.

I am a highly organized, efficient, detail-oriented, motivated, self-starter and go-getter with quick turn-around results.  I love the variety and challenge Virtual Assisting requires of me and more so, being a valuable online business asset to my clients.

Throughout my 20+ years working in corporate America, I have assisted a variety of executives, administrators and business owners wearing many hats and tackling multiple responsibilities daily.

What is a virtual assistant?  In short, a virtual assistant takes care of the administrative and back office burdens so you can focus on growing your business and do what you do best.

I provide a range of consulting, secretarial, and administrative tasks for a variety of clients.  I assist with client care management, correspondence management (letters, email, reports, presentations), social media networking (I can recommend platforms, set up profiles, find potential clients and networking groups and maintain communication), contact database management, email marketing (newsletters content and creation), website updates, research and more.


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